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Business Central on Azure SQL?

Although the support of SQL 2008 R2 ceases in a very short time, the short time horizon is not the only reason to migrate to Azure SQL.

Business Central / Dynamics NAV on Azure SQL

As of July 9, 2019, support for SQL Server 2008 R2 is no longer provided . Therefore, you should strongly consider an alternative server solution for your data and applications.

Active Business Solutions deliver a cloud solution where Business Central / Dynamics NAV is located on an Azure SQL server.

With Business Central / Dynamics NAV on Azure SQL , you get fast deployment and undisturbed operation as well as an ERP system located on a flexible server that allows your business to grow undisturbed.

Why Azure SQL?

Here are three of the main reasons why you should migrate SQL Server 2008 to a new and up-to-date Azure SQL solution:

  • 1. By migrating to Azure SQL, you never have to worry about the support of your server solution ending
  • 2. Get significant savings with a new solution. By moving to Azure SQL DBMI (Database Managed Instance), you can obtain a ROI (Return on Investment) of 212%
  • 3. Prevent significant and unacceptable security risks for your applications and data as well as non-compliance with personal data regulations
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