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For many companies, the warehouse is the central focal point and efficient and well-functioning inventory management is therefore a significant and important part of day-to-day operations. Poor inventory management can be a very expensive problem, which has a negative and direct impact on the company's cash flow and ultimately have catastrophic financial consequences. An inaccurate inventory can lead to a shortage of goods, delays and an inventory level that is either too high or low, leading to dissatisfied customers and financial damage to the business.

What is inventory management?

In short, the purpose of inventory management is to reduce the company's storage costs without compromising service levels resulting in dissatisfied customers. For many companies, there is both increased efficiency and cost savings to be gained by optimizing inventory management.

Inventory management:

  • Received items are handled correctly
  • the amount of redundant parts and products is minimized
  • The demand for your products is met
  • Ability to track products
  • Live up to demand and demand
  • Collectible by item data

Manage your inventory with Business Central's efficient inventory management functionality

Connect your inventory, its internal activities, purchase orders and invoices through a flexible and scalable solution. The warehouse management functionality in Business Central not only provides insight into each shipment or process, but optimizes storage processes to maximize utilization of storage space. Real-time alerts to Business Central provide accurate and immediate feedback on status queries.

Keep your inventory up to date
Create financial account records, record increases and decreases in the number of items, monitor your inventory status across locations

Effectively manage your internal storage activities
With BusinessCentral, you gain control over all common work processes in your warehouse, such as removing and moving items

Improve order execution
Business Central allows you to follow each order and therefore give your customers an accurate order status

Create purchase orders
A purchase order represents an agreement with a supplier to purchase goods or services. Business Central makes it easy and quick to create a purchase order

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