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Business Central is the ideal solution for managing and posting your business accounts. Business Central ensures that your financial and accounting tasks are performed efficiently and with the least margin of error.

What is Finance / Financial Management?

The term financial management, or financial management, covers the company's focus on planning, organizing, managing and controlling the financial activities, such as key figures, debt and procurement.

The term is typically used about a company's financial strategy, not only long-term budgeting, but also the distribution of short-term resources such as the company's short-term liabilities which must be settled within the current. Financial management also deals with dividend policy.

Manage your company's finances with Business Central

Standard Business Central includes configuration of virtually all the economic processes that exist in a company and this configuration can even be customized so that the solution fits the individual company.

By default, the configuration includes an overview of accounts and standard posting groups. The overview streamlines the process of assigning standard ledger bookkeeping accounts to customers, suppliers and goods.

Make smarter financial decisions

With the right financial system, you get the most out of your data and can therefore go a step further. By dividing silos and centralizing your data from finance, sales, service and operations, you get an accurate overview of your business. And you can go even further. By using real-time updates, you have the opportunity to identify trends or problem areas before they develop into major issues.

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